Your window well cover is going to be custom manufactured to fit on your window well. We will need a template to in order to recreate the exact shape of your window well(s). You will be sent a large piece of cardboard that you will use to create a pattern for your window well cover in less than 60 seconds.

You will begin by measuring the length and width as shown below. This process will need to be done for each window well you would like covered.

Window Well Cover Width
Window Well Cover Length

Once you have the Length and Width measurements, we will send you the cardboard templates. Once you receive them, you will prepare the templates and ship them back to us using a prepaid return label.

Your custom window well covers are undercoated with a rust inhibitor and painted with two coats of black Rustoleum® paint. Once we receive your templates, it takes 2 weeks to build your custom window well covers.

How difficult is it to prepare the cardboard templates?

Step 1: Place the cardboard template on top of your window well. (Making sure the widest edge is squarely against your house.)

Step 2: Press down on the cardboard so the window well edge leaves an impression on the cardboard. Remove the cardboard from the window well.

Step 3: Using a magic marker, draw a line on the indentation you just created.

Fold and return the cardboard template back to Handi-Ramp

When we build your Custom Window Well Cover, you will notice that it is about 1/2 inch larger than your window well. We do this because your window well may shift a little bit due to weather conditions. This ensures that the cover will fit even if your window well does shift slightly.

Window Well Cover Gap

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